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Silk Road Exposition, Nara 1988. 2012/3/19 14:30
I have found the Nara National Museum website, but no e-mail contact is offered on the site - I would like very much to know how to contact the museum store via e-mail to attempt to purchase a poster from one of their exhibits, specifically, a poster from their ''Silk Road Exposition, Nara 1988 '' for use in education of students. Please let me kmnow if this is possible and what the cost would be for the poster and for shipping to the US.

The high cost of a telephone call as well as my inability to speak Japanese make me uncomfortable attempting to telephone the museum.

Thank you very much,
Brian Dorsk
by Brian Dorsk (guest)  

Re: 'Silk Road Exposition, Nara 1988. 2012/3/19 16:11
They do not offer their e-mail address, inquiries are supposed to be sent through their inquiry form:
There are three parts to be filled in:
1. your name
2. your e-mail address
3. text
After filling out the above, you can send it out by hitting 送信 button at the bottom of the page.
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