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Gifts: Daughter's host family, guides 2012/3/20 23:34
Our daughter will be living with a host family for four months, who we hope to meet when we travel to Japan at the end of her studies.

My question is, what is an appropriate "level" of gift a family that has hosted our daughter? I know one can't out-gift the Japanese :-), but how much money should I plan on spending? Are there food gifts I can bring in from the US without running foul of customs?

Should I bring a separate gift for each parent? Should I also bring a gift for the other student they are hosting? (They don't have any children at home)

Likewise, we may be utilizing some of the free guide services (such as in Tokyo). What is an appropriate gift for a guide who is volunteering to tour with us for a day or part of a day?

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Re: Gifts: Daughter's host family, guides 2012/3/21 15:21
Japanese are crazy about all kinds of food related things - so giving them a nice selection of different unique 'american style' foods is definitely a good choice.

Don't forget about the wrapping! Japanese tend to pay a lot more for a good 'look' of the present then what we are used to.

Btw: I am sure your daughter can give you some good advices on what her host parents like after spending 4 months with them...

As for presents for the tour guides: Pay for their transportation and lunch/dinner during the tour and they will be more than happy. If you want you can bring a small souvenir from your country but I guess the tour guides have their whole house full of those :)
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free guides 2012/3/21 21:27

asdf has a point. Free tour guides do it for the memory rather than the money, so something like a tiny ornament with a design unique to your hometown might be nice. They will have the freedom to either keep it in their drawer or put it on their mantle.
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Re: Gifts: Daughter's host family, guides 2012/3/23 21:53
Can't help with the tour guides but can with the exchange presents.

Gifts our son gave to a special host family included place mats of Australian animals with the cork on the back if you know what I mean? China mugs same deal either animals or native flowers.

Lots of food...lollies, Tim tams, savoury biscuits.

We tended to go with consumables so we didn't take up space in their house but the other items I mentioned were well received.

I understand your need to show appreciation, but once I realised I could never buy a gift that would show how grateful I was for the care they showed my son I was able to choose things I thought appropriate.

Good luck choosing
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