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Having meishi made? 2012/3/21 12:27
Hello, I'm looking to have quality bilingual meishi made before coming to Japan in May.
Any suggestions? Many thanks!
by Amerika Jin (guest)  

Re: Having meishi made? 2012/3/22 01:16
What do you want to know?
Just get your name, profession and contact info on a decent piece of card stock.
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Re: Having meishi made? 2012/3/22 05:59
Many thanks. Should both languages be one one side or one on each? As an artist/designer, would a small image be appropriate? Does anyone specialize in quality translation from English to Japanese for meishi? Thanks again!
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Re: Having meishi made? 2012/3/22 10:54
Some considerations:
- One language on one side. Depening on your new acquaintance you either give him the business card facing one or the other side)
- It is very common in Japan to have an 'outside titel' and an 'inside titel'. So if you have a rather simple office job doing small projects for your team, quite often you will see Projectmanager on the meishi handed to you :) Funny if you talk to this person for a while and realize his responsibilities are by far not what is written on the meishi.
- Depending on what you will work as, you might want to consider the weight or thickness of your paper. If you are a superb sushi chef and want your card to be 'representative' - go for rather heavy paper. If you work in the finance industry (like me), it is rather common to make the meishi as thin as possible. That way your cardholder won't get too full too soon. Same applies to the font. Some like the fancy 'stand out', 3D text which certainly looks very nice but fills up your cardholder too soon.
- Order at least 300 meishi...I remember handing out close to 100 in my first week in Tokyo a few years ago :)
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Re: Having meishi made? 2012/3/22 10:56
Forgot: If you do not have a company logo, t is perfectly fine to have a nice, discrete picture on your business card.
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Re: Having meishi made? 2012/3/22 17:59
Amerika Jin,

I used to have a set of 2-sided meishi with one language on each side. But then I realized that there are people like Donald Keene (please look him up if you don't know who he is) who dislikes having the English side presented to him when everyone knows he's bilingual, while there still are expats who prefer to have the English side presented as it may show respect to his/her ethnity.

So I decided to have everything printed on one side, but bilingual. Besides, it's cheaper and easier to make them that way. The other thing I care about is the quality and color of the paper as well as the font.

The receiver would eventually put the meishi away with all the other stack, so you want it to sort of stand out but in a sophisticated way. I noticed that a stiff paper with color would do. The color and font also definitely shows how you prefer to be viewed, be it English alphabet or Japanese kana.

Since you are an artist/designer, I wonder if you have connections with Japanese natives of a similar field. Ask them for advise on sophisticated layout, color and font. For example, I know people with meishi being white on the Japanese side and colorful on the English side.
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