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Sakura help 2012/3/24 22:31
Hi guy few days ago I visited osaka castle I saw a lot Sakura blooming but then I saw the sign say it was plum garden then I try to search on net but till now I dunno what I saw was plum or Sakura

Any can tell me how to diff which is which
by Dan (guest)  

Re: Sakura help 2012/3/25 08:10
Both plums and cherry trees come with many varieties with their own characteristics, some overlapping. So, it can depend a lot on which variety you are looking at. But below are some general differences:

- the bark of cherry trees has horizontal lines, the bark of plum trees does not

- plum blossoms have a strong fragrance, cherry blossoms don't

- most cherry varieties bloom later than most plum varieties

- plum trees are smaller and the growth of the branches looks irregular (I think in part due to pruning)
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Re: Sakura help 2012/3/25 13:18
March seems to be a bit early for Sakura, even in the Southern part of the country. The plum blossoms ("ume") do bloom first, so if I had to wager, I'd say you saw a plum blossom tree.
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Re: Sakura help 2012/3/25 14:07
Yes, I agree, if it was "a few days ago", they were more likely ume. There are also early blooming cherry tree varieties, however, there aren't usually "a lot" of them.

Osaka Castle has a plum grove to the east of the main citadel:
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Re: Sakura help 2012/3/26 07:09
It's plum most likely. Sakura in Osaka Castle are not blooming yet, except for a few early blooming ones.
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Re: Sakura help 2012/4/2 12:58

Sakura in Osaka 4/5`
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