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E-moji 2012/3/24 23:06
What does it mean when a person puts a "" or "" in messages?

I use the "" when I'm happy/excited about something so it's like I'm whistling/singing, but is that the correct interpretation?

I don't normally use the "."
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Re: E-moji 2012/3/25 16:12
Haha - best question ever!

I was wondering for years why I get all these strange animoticons, smileys and fancy bracket-monsters when there is nothing really funny in the mail.

Truth is: This is very common in Japan and does not really have a whole lot to do with the message itself. Yes, you do not put a shiny star in the message if someone is sad. But there are literally no rules at all. I experienced most Japanese simply put a few fancy smileys a the end of her message to end it (instead of: Cheers, Peter)

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Re: E-moji 2012/3/27 21:06

Haha thanks :)

I figured, "well, he's probably doing fine" after I got a message with a in it lol.

I've also experienced that even in a supposedly business message, the other person (Japanese) uses smiley faces/stars/etc.
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