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buying laptop 2012/3/26 11:42
I came to Japan last week and now I live in minamishimabara,kuchinotsu. I want to buy a laptop and i don`t know from where?

Is there any shop for buying laptop around minamishimabara?

Is it possible to buy laptop online?

I should mention that I can not speak Japanese. so it is better to find a store which sellers can speak english
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Re: buying laptop 2012/3/26 13:16
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Re: buying laptop 2012/3/26 18:06
Remember if you buy from shop in Japan the OS would be in Japanese and key board will also be in Japanese style
Check these points before you buy
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Re: buying laptop 2012/3/26 18:18
If you want English Windows and US keyboard, you can custom order one from Lenovo's website. If you don't care about those options then go to kakaku.com.
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