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Shinobue or nohkan? 2012/3/26 15:28

I went to a kodo concert some days ago and was baffled by their flute players.
They told me they use the shinobue and the nohkan. But can anyone tell me which of the twoo they are playing in this video:

Many thanks!
by Burrid (guest)  

Re: Shinobue or nohkan? 2012/3/27 21:59
I am not an expert of them, but it should be Shinobue, not Nohkan.

Shinobue is more casual and used for such summer/autumn festivals in the way you see on the youtube.

Nohkan is used for Nohgaku theater, so it is more profetional instrument.

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Re: Shinobue or nohkan? 2012/3/28 06:28
It is indeed a shinobue, thank you!
Now all I need to do is decide which key I want to buy it in and then buy it.
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