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Online Shops Selling Japanese Fashion 2004/9/13 03:57
Looking for any online shops/stores that sell latest Japanese fashion and accessories? As I am not in Japan and this would be my only way to purchase whatever is latest and up to date in the fashion and fashion accessories.
by Creztor  

...... 2004/9/13 08:38
I assume you are a woman, so my apologies if mistaken. There are many online shops that sell trendy Japanese clothes for Japanese women in the 20s and 30s. Two of the largest stores are:



However, I don't know if they can ship internationally or not. You should double check first. Also, they don't have English homepages neither. Good luck.
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Sorry 2004/9/13 08:39
Oops, I made a mistake by putting the same links.

Nissen's link is:
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Any for men? 2004/10/11 08:31
Any for men?
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. 2004/11/10 22:51
can you tell me if there are any 'popular' net stores which sell japanese (street) fashion clothes especially for younger people (I'm 17)?
sorry my english! ;)
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Gaijin Geisha 2004/12/3 22:28
You could try Gaijin Geisha, they have some pretty cute stuff

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Online street fashion shop in Tokyo 2004/12/14 12:41
Check out Shop33 - they have an online store in English and they carry quite a bit of hard to find (outside of Japan) fashion that they will ship to other countries.


They seem to have limited quantities of a lot of the stuff, so you have to check often to find what you want.
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Japan Fashion Online Store 2005/1/12 06:03
www.trendyoutfitter.com. You can find many unique clothing from this site. They ship items worldwide. Also this site seems like update new items quite often.
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www.nissen.co.jp 2006/7/3 16:56
I visited www.nissen.co.jp. Liked their clothes! I'll be in Tokyo in August. Do they have a shop in Tokyo that I can visit? Thanks!
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... 2006/7/5 17:14
According to my knowledge, nissen is a mail-order company that operates no stores.
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Ebay sellers 2006/7/31 08:37
There's always Ebay. :) Two sellers I recommend are Supayana and Sweetlypink. Supayana makes her own clothes, which are very similar to Japanese street where I used to live and sweetlypink is a cute store with lots of unique asian fashion finds for dirt cheap prices. Just look them up under the sellers.
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does nissen ship outside japan? 2007/2/12 11:32
does nissen have an english website?

could someone help to direct me to fashion mail order shops in japan that has english version website and willing to ship international, outside of japan.
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nissen 2007/4/23 13:35
Didn't get a reply from Nissen website. Do they ship internationally?
Anyone know?
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Where to bye this / similar dress 2007/5/4 02:49
Does anyone know which online shop sells this / similar dress as in the picture here: http://riemun.huuto.net/auctionimages/2/a1/c95dc9456d0eb36b4f3c4ba90707c-orig.jpg

Thanks! :)
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Japan Shopping Agent 2007/5/7 00:35
I tried their shopping agent service a few times now and so far my experience with them are quite professional.

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Kawaii shops 2007/5/10 19:19
Try http://dressingkawaii.blogspot.com/ they have a bunch of store links
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For dudes 2007/5/16 03:29
anyone know of any sites for men? http://www.zenmall.co.jp/shopping/index.htm this is the only site i know of but they don't ship internationally
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JSHOPPERS.Com 2007/8/3 15:52
this site was sell the nissen clothes and it will ship to international.

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Junmen.net 2007/9/8 19:07
Doesn't ship internationally, but interesting to see some avante-garde-ish designs.

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h.Naoto 2007/10/9 18:21
Hey guys, does anyone know if h.Naoto ships internationally?

here's the web for reference. The clothes there are nice. =D

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