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DVD of Leonie in Japan? 2012/3/29 05:04
Hello All,
I will be in search of a copy of the 2010 film "Leonie" produced in New Orleans and Japan, written and directed by Hisako Matsui (Oriume,2002; Yukie,1998).
I was the American set designer on the film, and the film does not have American distribution. I will be in Tokyo in early May and would like to know if it is available. Any help would be appreciated! Many, many thanks!
by NoRa Jin (guest)  

Re: DVD of Leonie in Japan? 2012/3/29 09:18
I had the exact same problem a while back. I couldn't find this dvd at any of my local stores. The only option was to order it from amazon.co.jp.


Then again, I'm not in a big city so you may have better luck finding it at one of the major electronics stores around akihabara.
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Great set design! 2012/3/30 15:40
NoRa Jin,

I would just like to tell you that I saw the film at the theater and I loved the set design! The visual balance between the several cities was perfect, each dramatic in its own way!

As far as your question is concerned, I must say as a local that nowadays I buy most DVDs and books through Amazon, but you always do have the option to contact your favorite DVD store in advance and order things so that you can buy them over the counter.

Hope you get your copy.
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Re: DVD of Leonie in Japan? 2012/4/6 23:18
I saw the DVD today at TOWER RECORDS in Yodobashi-Akiba.
But I think you need to use a Japan region DVD player(region code=2) or region-free DVD player to watch the DVD.
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Re: DVD of Leonie in Japan? 2012/11/8 07:06
My grand-daughter Emily Payne was one of the babies playing Leonie's child and I have been trying to get a copy for ages. I will try Amazon.jp thank you
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