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Artist/Song info wanted 2012/4/2 02:39
I have been looking for information of a song title and artist. I first heard the song from the ending credit of a Japanese drama. The ending credit scene I remembered seems to be of the song's PV. The song probably was from the 90s but I am uncertain.

Part of the chrous as I remembered it sounded like "Baila, Baila, ..."

Also, I remember another part of the song have the rhythm sounds similar to a part of Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull's "On The Floor"...However, I am not sure if they are of the same song I am searching for....

If anyone can help would be greatly appreciated...
by Kay (guest)  

Re: Artist/Song info wanted 2012/4/5 14:14
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Re: Artist/Song info wanted 2012/4/5 18:17
Thanks for the help tatsu1234 :)

Lambada is one of them, but not Cha Cha Cha though.

Now that I remember, the song PV shows the female singer and maybe 2-3 male (not entirely certain if they are a band or just back dancers since I only heard the song through the ending credit of a drama...)

The PV shifted from various location in Japan with people dancing in front of the camera (housewife, businessman, kids, etc..), at one point in the PV the camera move back to show a huge crowd with the singer dancing...

Not sure if these details would help...

Thanks again for the help.
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