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Portable Clothes Dryer 2012/4/2 12:31

When i was in Tokyo two years ago, I saw a Portable Clothes Dryer like the one in this picture - http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/472790627/Portable_Clothes_Dryer_wit...

I'm travelling there in a few weeks and was thinking of buying it back home. Any idea where I can get it? Is it sold in Tokyo Hands? I'll be staying in Shinjuku area.
by ksgirl (guest)  

Re: Portable Clothes Dryer 2012/4/2 22:04
Those sold in Japan will operate at 100 volts, trying to use it anywhere else in the world where the voltage is 220-240 volts will lead to the device burning out and, because it would contain clothing, there is very high risk of a fire. Even using it in a country like the USA where the voltage is only 120 volts, there is still a risk of burning ot or fire. You would need to use a 1,000 watt step down transformer, they are not cheap and weigh about 9kg/20lb.
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