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Dining Table set up (Tamati) 2012/4/4 19:13
why is water goblets/glass not places on a Tamati style of dining table
My experience of traditional Japanese style of restaurants water is not offered neither the glasses are present on the table.
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Re: Dining Table set up (Tamati) 2012/4/4 20:39
Misspelt TATAMI as Tamati
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Re: Dining Table set up (Tamati) 2012/4/5 17:49

In my experience as a Japanese living in Japan most of my life, either water or tea is almost always served free in a glass even at the tatami seats of traditional Japanese style restaurants.

However, tradtional or not, there are often cheaper places where you help yourself to water/tea from water/tea-supply machines or a pitcher near the kitchen.

On the other hand, at places designed for alcohol consumption, tradtional or not, they don't serve you free water/tea unless you ask for it. This is because most people prefer to start drinking alcohol without water/tea.

Hope this helps.
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