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Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2012/4/6 11:03
From this website http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3006.html
it shows that sunday are the best day to visit for scenes of cosplays.

If I'm coming on the 30 Apr, will I get to witness them?
by daniel25  

Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2012/4/7 01:51
The cosplay scene on the bridge over the JR lines at Harajuku is quite old and I think it has lost its charm. There are fewer and fewer times they actually go there. When I went in 2005, it was vibrant and busy. In 2010 there was no one there and the same goes for last month. It's a dying fad.... Takeshita Dori nearby has many stores catering to many dress styles and your bound to find some people dressed up there. You may also find them on Sundays in Akihabara. But if you're expecting to see cosplayers gathering and posing for the masses, those days seem to be a thing of the past...
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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2012/4/7 17:55
Hi John, thank you for info!
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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2012/4/10 10:45
If you're really interested in seeing cosplayers on April 30th, there is a special cosplay fair going on at the Telecom Center on Odaiba in Tokyo.

It runs from 10:30 am - 7:00 pm.
The entrance fee is 2,000 yen

Take the Yurikamome line to Telecom Center station. The event is directly outside the station (just follow the cosplayers).
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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2012/4/10 11:48
I was in Harajuku summer of '10, and while I saw a few cosplayers on Sundays, there weren't very many of them. You'll see one or two at least, though they probably won't let you take their pictures.
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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2012/4/15 07:42
Just curious as to where by AnnAni.com (guest) found the information about the Telecom centre having this cosplay expo/fair.

I know that there is a comic festival on at the Tokyo big sight centre (from their website), but I can't see anything about this cosplay expo/fair.

Does anyone know if there is a site in english/japanese that shows upcoming events in Tokyo. I know of the metropolis site, but I find it hard to navigate.

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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2014/11/25 12:47
so November 2014...
The Cos Play scene is pretty much all done...
In the last 2 weeks i came across more 'fruitful' characters walking around the streets of Harajuku.
Yoyogi Park had a couple of Elvis' but that was it..
Even had a couple of westerners come up to me asking where they all were.. They were devasted as, like most tourists that come here expected to see a whole lot of the cos play people..
I think because it became 'commercial' on the tourist front, They've all disappeared.
But... The Park is still very eventful with musicians & various artist doin their thing..
Just dont book your trip to Harajuku with the Cos play attraction being your main priority.
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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2014/11/25 15:01
Yeah, last December we were there and there was only a bit going on. We went down Takeshita Dori (what a dive) and there was a bit of stuff going on with a few cosplayers amongst the Nigerian touts and cheap chinese rubbish being sold.
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Re: Harajuku Cosplay Scene 2015/3/2 14:56
HiAll, I went to the cosplay 'hotspots' in Harajuku both days this past weekend (28/02/2015, 01/03/2015) but unfortunately did not see any cosplayers.

I went here in 2008, the place was thriving with cosplayers. As the previous replies state it appears the fad has died off :-( I sort of don't blame the cosplayers though, when I saw them they were constantly being harassed by photographers.
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