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writing a japanese pen pal 2012/4/9 02:51
I recently linked up with a few japanese students through email (we met in real life, exchanged emails so we could write). What is appropriate to write about? Also, since they introduced themselves by their first names when we met, is it a safe bet that i'm approved to call them by those names? I don't want to come off as rude by accident...
by Lauren (guest)  

Re: writing a japanese pen pal 2012/4/10 00:08
Well ask them if it's okay to call them by their first names, that's always a good start.

Maybe tell them about your day, ask how they are and whatnot?

I have a penpal myself, that's what we usually do.
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Re: writing a japanese pen pal 2012/4/11 09:32
+1 Above
Start small with questions about their day, how do they feel about _____, do you like _____
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