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Purchasing Computers in Japan (vs UK) 2012/4/10 10:48
I will shortly be moving from the UK to Tokyo and am trying to decide if I should buy a desktop/laptop before I leave the UK or after arriving in Japan.

Does anyone have any idea re: how prices compare between Japan/Europe for the same laptop's/PC's/monitors etc?

Also, if there are any other pitfalls (Japanese style keyboards, power supplys/voltage differences etc..)

by Sunil (guest)  

... 2012/4/10 16:12
You can look up some pricing on sites like kakaku or yodobashi camera:-

Almost all laptops now have a power supply which will accept different voltages around the world, so usually you just need a plug adaptor, or at worst a new plug.

If you buy in Japan usually they will have a Japanese operating system.

I guess it depends what you plan on doing with it while you are there. If it was me I'd buy a laptop at home and take it with me.

You can always buy a LCD screen, mouse and keyboard in Japan and use that with your laptop if you wish to use a larger display/better keyboard etc.

Enjoy your stay!
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