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backing out of arrangement politely? 2012/4/14 17:44
I was arranging a photoshoot with someone, and they got back to me on the cost of mailing equipment over from Sapporo to Tokyo, which was quite a shocker.

I need to decline the arrangement, so I was wondering how to say this in Japanese politely?

I'm so sorry, I did not realize mailing things across Japan cost so much. I think I can't go ahead with this photoshoot, but maybe next time we can work on another arrangement.

Again I'm so sorry for the trouble!
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Re: backing out of arrangement politely? 2012/4/15 11:48
日本国内での配送にそれほどお金がかかるとは思っていませんでした。I did not realize/even think that mailing things across Japancost so much.

垂オ訳ありませんが、そのコストですと負担できません。I am sorry but I cannot bear that much cost.

次回、また別の形で撮影会を手配できればと思います。I hope that we can arrange a photoshoot in a different way/style somehow next time.

あらためまして、今回はお手数をおかけして垂オ訳ありませんでした。Allow me to once again say sorry for the trouble I caused you.
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Re: backing out of arrangement politely? 2012/4/23 11:19
Thank you!
I got a reply... could I get some help with it?

It's a bit complicated for me, but I think the other person wants to go ahead with the arrangement.





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Re: backing out of arrangement politely? 2012/4/23 11:34
Anyway, this was the first email.
It could be a typo because here the cost quoted was 5万円 for postage, which seems quite high, that's why I declined the arrangement, but in the latest email it seems to be 5千円 instead, which could mean there was a typo earlier.




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Re: backing out of arrangement politely? 2012/4/24 07:44
This is the translation that some one offered.
This part is confusing though. Can anyone explain what it really means?


the model is taking rest from work. She seems to want some $$ of 5000 yen, shall i try to negotiate?

For the rental of the Miki dress, since you? are coming down from afar, this time, it's not needed.


We will handle the cleaning fee. appreciate if you can handle the shipping fee of the dress? of 5000 yen -6000 yen

Above this, the cost that we have to handle will become a lot, it's tough "to manage this cost???"

Kindly review.
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Re: backing out of arrangement politely? 2012/4/24 08:19
I'm drafting a reply... can someone help with this? Thank you so much! My current translations look very bad so can anyone help with this?

thank you, this arrangement is very kind of you.
ありがとうございます, この配置はとても親切です.

The model fee of 5000y is fine, no problem.

But In the earlier email, I saw "5万円から8万円" as the rental price, but it seems it was a typo error.

So the total cost is 5000y + 6000y? (Model fee + cleaning fee)? Anything else?
全部負担は5000円モデル料 + 6000往復の送料ですか?

I will send you all the photos that are taken. I will also bring a spare camera so you can take your own photos. How does that sound?

But my Japanese is very bad. I'm assisted by a translater now, but when in person my spoken Japanese is really bad. Is that alright with you?
でも私の日本語はとても下手です。 今訳者アシストです。大丈夫ですか?

Which outdoor location in Tokyo is scenic?

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