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finding an address 2012/4/18 22:11
is there a web site that could help me find
an address in hiroshima by just providing the phone number i cannot speak japanese and my relative cannot speak english i wish to send parcels to them.

thank you for any help you can give
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Re: finding an address 2012/4/19 19:15

If their address is open to public for one season or another, you can usually find the address just by typing the phone number on an internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

However, most indivisuals in Japan do not reveil their private addresses to the public, and therefore it is considered offensive to try to find addresses without asking them first, unless of course if the holder of the address is running a business of some sort.

If you live within Japan and know their email address, there are delivery services such as Sagawa Kyubin's Meru-ado-takuhai where you can send parcels without knowing their residential address.
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Re: finding an address 2012/4/20 00:09
Thank you UCO for your reply. I live in England and have no way to contact my relative except by phone I do not know if they have an email address.
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