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art printing shop? 2012/4/19 19:52
I had a art commission done for me online and i want it professionally blown up and printed, framed. The artist send me a large file and i plan on making it as big as possible with no loss of quality, maybe standard wall poster size or bit larger.

How do i go about getting this printed, full color, by an online shop or physical shop in center tokyo? Please help me search a place.

It would be great if they can laminate it, or give me some kind of big frame to go with it.
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Re: art printing shop? 2012/4/20 09:37

If it's a photo or image file you are talking about, any photographic developing shop will be able to make poster-size enlargements (assuming the file is of high enough resolution). It will probably take a few days to a week. I'm not sure, but they may also offer options of framing or laminating the print for an extra charge. Alternatively, you could try FedEx Kinkos, and I think they even let you order online.
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Thanks! 2012/4/22 12:53
In case other people ever wonder,

I bought 2 copies.

One from Fed Ex kinkos. The print is a A2 poster size, full color and laminated. It was 4200 yen total. The color was a bit darker than the original art, but not a huge problem and still a great print.

I will use them again for work regarding my company. They do banners and high volume printing, etc.

I found a shop that has an office and online service,
pelonet.com. Its all in Japanese though. They also specialize in animation, digital art, and really big printing sizes for events. They also do fabric printing.

I got it printed here also. It was printed A2 size on thick , semi gloss board/paper and framed. The total cost for that was 4800 yen. The color was the exact same color as the original art.

This is the one I will hang in my living room, and the other one is a copy to preserve the art.

Both very good companies, not much difference in price, so if you can get by in japanese, I would recommend Pelonet since they specialize in this kind of print, good color quality, thick paper (with semi gloss, gloss, and a bunch of other options I didn't really need), plus frame for nearly the same cost. :)
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