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Name card design and giving 2012/4/20 02:58

If i design a name card for myself, should i use lastname first, and firstname last, like they do in japan?

What if i design name card with firstname first and lastname second, will they get mixed?

How should i give my name card in informal situations? I am not doing business, just handing out the card to new friends etc.

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Re: Name card design and giving 2012/4/20 10:55
Just checked a few business cards I have on me right now (japanese and international): All of them have the order firstname lastname. So I am not sure from where you got the information to have the lastname first? If you really want to make a good impression, I recommend you to translate your name into Japanese (Katakana) and print it on the backside. If you hand your card to a Japanese, you will of course present him the card with Japanese on top and so that the writing faces his side. There are many important rules/guidelines how to handover a card in business context - in the informal situations you do not have to worry much about anything. I recommend to hand it over with two hands and keep his cards in front of you for a few seconds to study. Then put it in your chest pocket or wallet. Dont forget to bring along hundreds of cards if you come here for a few weeks - I used more than 100 in my first week! (after 4 years I now use around 15 per week)

As for mixing the name: This can of course happen, but I think everyone can more or less recognize a firstname. If you are not Japanese, they will call you by the firstname and you will call them by the lastname (and add -san).

Enjoy your time in Japan!

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