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How people react to allergy 2012/4/20 19:15

I have a pretty bad allergy during the summer, so i need to blow my nose a lot.

Should i be wearing a facemask all the time?

Is it true that japanese people react to public blowing your nose in a paper, like someone would fart ? Is it considered as rude ?
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Re: How people react to allergy 2012/4/20 23:49
You had better wear a facemask all the time in Japan, if you have allergy.
There are so many Japanese people wearing a facemask in public.

Is it not rude to blow your nose in public, but better in the area of no one is near to you..
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Re: How people react to allergy 2012/4/21 07:09
Only wear a mask if you think it would help you with your allergy; that's why people wear them here, to reduce the amount of pollen they breathe.

It's fine to discreetly blow your nose with a tissue, it's nowhere near as rude as farting in public, people just try to be as quiet as they can about it.

What is it that causes your allergy? If it's a particular plant you might find you don't suffer here in summer if the plant isn't so common here.

I am allergic to house dust and for me it's worse in winter when the air is dry. Summer here is very humid which keeps the dust down.
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Re: How people react to allergy 2012/4/22 20:07
You may not have allergies here.

I have really bad allergies in the States but not in Japan.

When I go back to the States, my allergies kick in and it feels like I'm sick. My allergies are acting up all the way up until I leave back for Japan: in the airport in the US on the plane (a little), but once I land at Narita and deboard the plane, they just instantly disappear 100%.
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Re: How people react to allergy 2012/10/15 02:35
I'm asthmatic and my asthma only appears during the rainy season when I'm living in rural mountain areas of my country. When I was recently in Cancun during the humid summer months I had no symptoms at all.

My asthma appears even in smog filled big cities during cold evenings during the rainy season and some winter nights but is much tamer than when I'm in the clean air of the forest for some reason.

If you can, go to a doctor in your home country and ask him to prescribe you Singulair which is a great medication to reduce the risk of having a runny nose and sneeze flares and lasts 24 hours and unlike antihistamines won't cause drowsiness, great stuff albeit expensive.
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Re: How people react to allergy 2012/10/20 07:18
I agree with the person above who said you may not even experience the allergies here. If you are allergic to the pollen from a plant in your area, the same plant may not grow in Japan. If it's a dust allergy, it's very humid in Japan in summer which means that dust allergies tend to be not so bad. I am allergic to housedust and have most issues in autumn, hardly any in summer.

As above don't wear a mask unless you think it will help you with your allergies. It's fine to blow your nose discreetly- doing it loudly is considered rude. Excuse yourself if you need to have a really good blow.
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Re: How people react to allergy 2012/10/20 14:25
Do not blow nose loud in public in Japan as done in the west. It is considered no etiquette, offensive and frowned upon. The same as spitting or mucus targeting. Do discretely & quietly & privately.
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