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birthday present 2012/4/21 01:51
I met a foreigner man in a seminar. He is really kind. I think he is from America, and around 40 years old.
I met him up once and had dinner with him and his friend.
This time he invited me again to come to his house. He will have his birthday party.

Is it better for me to buy him a present?
And if yes, what would it be?
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Re: birthday present 2012/4/21 13:58
Excuse me for asking, but are you in Japan, and are you a Japanese woman?

For a birthday party, yes I think it is normal that you bring in some kind of present.
What should it be - that's up to you. Do you know him well? If not, since you met at a seminar, a nice pen? Or maybe CD of music you like that he can play at the party? I have no idea.

Um, I am saying this only because you somehow seem unaccustomed to "foreigner" - If you are going to his house, if I were you, I would ask him a few questions to find out about this party - about how many people are coming, are you supposed to bring in any food or wine/other drinks, etc., just so that you know what kind of party you are stepping into.
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Re: birthday present 2012/4/21 18:37
I think presents are really hard, because I don't want to give things away that won't be used. Solution? Food! A nice bottle of wine or some fancy chocolate or something like that.

I get the impression that you don't know him very well, so I'm sure he's not expecting anything big.
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Re: birthday present 2012/4/22 02:38
If you don't know him well at all, you would probably not be expected to buy a very personal gift.

Over 40, I know very few Westerners who would expect more than a birthday greetings card from someone they did not know well (and personally I wouldn't even expect that). However, it's often common to bring along a bottle of alcohol to house parties - though naturally that depends on the kind of party and whether the host approves of drinking.

As suggested above, you might be best to ask a little more about the kind of party this will be and who else is going.
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