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English-Japanese dictionary 2012/4/21 20:37
Dear my friend!

I just bought an English-Japanese dictionary however,I don't understand a single word in Japanese' language.So sad..
Anyone, please help me how to set it back to English so at least i can understand the words. Show me step by step if you can.
And also can i set it up into English-English.

by norm (guest)  

Re: English-Japanese dictionary 2012/4/22 12:19
You must be talking about an "electronic" dictionary? You didn't mention that or the make or model, etc.

Can you do an internet search for your make and model to see if there are any online instruction manuals?

I don't understand why you would need an Enlish-English mode....
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Re: English-Japanese dictionary 2012/4/22 14:19
I was also wondering - you must be talking about an electronic dictionary :) Then it would be best to mention the manufacturer name and model name here... it didn't come with any manual?

Another thing: if you mean English to Japanese dictionary in "romanized" Japanese (written in alphabets), I don't think there is any such function, at least not among the dictionaries I've seen in Japan.
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Re: English-Japanese dictionary 2012/4/24 05:37
An app. called kotoba is rather useful.
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