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Should i wrap gifts 2012/4/23 03:14

I'm going to japan and bought some stuff to give as presents to people i meet.

Should i giftwrap all the presents, they are mostly chocolates, or should i just give the boxes without giftwrap?

For example when i visit somebodys home i will take such a chocolate box as a gift.

I'm afraid the customs people at airport will tear up the giftwraps.

Is it rude to give gifts without giftwrap?

by Garfield Jackson (guest)  

Re: Should i wrap gifts 2012/4/23 09:34
Yes, it is rude to give any unwrapped gift.
Japanese gifts are sometimes over wrapped more than the content worth. Their bad tradition.
I've taken many times gift wrapped one or two pound See's chocolate boxes. Never opened by Customs. Maybe I don't look
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Re: Should i wrap gifts 2012/4/23 18:47
In the past I've solved the problem by packing some nice gift bags in my suitcase, and placing the gift in the bag before giving it.
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Re: Should i wrap gifts 2012/4/24 17:48
Bring a few scarfs as gift wraps. My friends treasured the unusual coverings, folded and kept the wraps before they appreciated the liquor chocs.
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