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243-1B Yamate-Cho 2012/4/24 06:29
It's been a few years since I posted so I thought I'd renew for those who have joined since.

I am looking for people who lived on Yamate-Cho, Yokohama from 57 to 59. We lived in a small compound of 4 houses all joined together. Across the street we're single family dwellings which overlooked Yokohama. Their backyards had tall mesh fences that prevented you from plunging down hundreds of feet.

We lived withing walking distance of the Foreigners Cemetery and Saint Josephs College.

Anyone who lived in the area please contact me at ncdave4@gmail.com

by NCDave  

Re: 243-1B Yamate-Cho 2013/2/21 18:20
Hi there...We lived at what was then. 100 Yamate-cho. Close to that time period. Directly across from the top of the hill connecting Motomachi to the bluf.
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Re: 243-1B Yamate-Cho 2013/12/8 05:29
Hi - I was born at Bluff Hospital in 1951 and lived in Yokohama in three different houses on Yamate-cho until I came back to the states for boarding school when I was in 12th grade.

The first two houses were to the east of the hospital - we built a house at 20 Yamate-cho when I was about 8.

Visited about 15 years ago and had trouble finding the house because that end of the Bluff is very built-up with condo buildings and other large structures, but did finally find it down an alley. Am very excited to be going back for a quick visit next week - and have a day in Yokohama planned.

I remember the houses at the top of the hill that led down to Motomachi - that hill was more or less in the middle of the Bluff, and had a little police box at the very top. I think that hill was called Daikan-zaka. I remember the names of the hills because the taxi drivers would often take the long way around that burned up my allowance really fast! :)
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Re: 243-1B Yamate-Cho 2014/9/6 00:18
We lived at 243-1-b Yamate-cho from early '54 until July '57. You must've moved into our old place!
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Re: 243-1B Yamate-Cho 2017/2/17 12:08
Awesome to hear that.. do you have any pics of the place when you were there? Please email me so we can compare notes.
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