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How long should I wait? 2012/4/25 10:37
I'm not trying to get weirdly obsessive because I know people have more important things than emailing random people they just met.

But I asked a cute guy at a convenience store for his email address. Well I had someone else ask for me but whatever.. He gave it (keitai address) and I emailed him a day later and within an hr he responded, now he hasn't replied back and I think I might've said something stupid and he no longer wants to talk (or he may be very busy)

I'm not sure if he is a university student and may be busy with his studies (in addition to working), but that's the question I asked in the email.
I know there isn't a set time, I'm just curious how long do you guys think it would take to hear back from him if he was interested in becoming friends?
by Ran (guest)  

Re: How long should I wait? 2012/4/26 03:54
That's a good question!
How long do you wait for an answer now, a day?
I'm in a similar situation, I too emailed a guy after he told me that he'll visit my country and hopes to meet me here (we've met before in his country). Up to now I didn't got an answer too maybe I have too high expectations..
What I wanted to tell you with that is that it is not an individual case but I think after one week you will not hear anything more from that guy.
by kizuna (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: How long should I wait? 2012/4/26 15:14
Thank you for the reply kizuna.
He replied to me today (2 days later) explaining that he had long hrs at work as he is not a uni student.

Hopefully you will get a response from the guy soon. Good luck :)
by Ran (guest) rate this post as useful

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