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What is regular food in supermarket 2012/4/25 19:37

Do japanese supermarkets always sell ready-made lunches?

What kind of food do you suggest shopping from general supermarkets?

I'm looking something easy to make.

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Re: What is regular food in supermarket 2012/4/25 21:27
It depends on what you want to eat. A variety of ready-made bento boxes are selling all the time for roughly 500 to 1,000 yen. You don't have to cook it. Just pour it into your mouth.

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Re: What is regular food in supermarket 2012/4/27 23:25
It is up to whether you have microwave heater.

If not youd better visit ConvenienceShop instead of SuperMarkets.

Basically there are Razania, Pasta, Retruto Curry etc.
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Re: What is regular food in supermarket 2012/4/28 10:19
You can find easy meals at grocery stores and pharmacies such as meals that are not in the refrigerated section but in the regular non perishable food shelf area but all you have to do is microwave them and they are by S&B and are called Platto/sAbg, and they have different kinds like one with rice and spaghetti meat sauce on it, pasta, bibimbap, etc. (I really enjoy the meat sauce on rice one the most).
Here is what one looks like:

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Re: What is regular food in supermarket 2012/4/28 20:54
In some inner city neighbourhoods around Tokyo or Kyoto you may not see any supermarkets but you may see old style stores that specialise in one type of product eg. rice or tofu, fresh fish, or fruit & vegies. But there will be a supermarket somewhere if you really want one.
However, having said that, it's Convenience Stores that you will find the most useful (for a short term stay, unless you want to do a lot of your own cooking from scratch.)They are everywhere and they'll have everything you need to survive - you'll be able to put together a gourmet meal every day.

Most convenience stores have a good range of fresh, ready-made meals and salads, you can even choose the dressing you prefer. There are ready made Japanese meals & Japanese versions of Korean, Chinese & western dishes, eg. spaghetti, fried chicken. Also sandwiches, rice balls, curry rice, side dishes -pickles, kimchi, various soups, fresh bread, cakes, yummy desserts, fruit, condiments, butter, cheese, ham, eggs, tofu, softdrinks, alcohol -beer, wine, umeshu. Look, you can live out of a convenience store and not have to ever eat anywhere else.
My first introduction to Tokyo over 20 years ago was Winter Oden stewing on the counter at the 7-11, My thoughts.. What the..?! It smelled like someone was stewing their old socks. But I was soon addicted to late night Oden. When the season changed they had Chinese style steamed buns on the counter.

Have a look at youtube there are a few uploads & see how great Japan's convenience store food is. (Notice I did not once mention anything about this stuff being healthy but it's tasty)
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Re: What is regular food in supermarket 2012/5/2 06:26
Can I just add to that comprehensive answer above that most convenience stores have microwaves that you can heat the food you buy in the store.
Supermarkets are great also, plenty of ready made food, including sandwiches and bread rolls filled with ham or egg etc.
I agree with the person above the Oden smell takes a lot of getting used to!!
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