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Onigiri Packaging Kombini-Style? 2012/4/26 03:56
You know how at a kombini, the onigiri are wrapped in a way that the nori is separated from the rice and the nori doesn't get soggy?

I want to buy these kinds of plastic sheets while I'm in Japan so I can make homemade onigiri when I'm back in Europe.

What shops do I find these in, a regular supermarket or maybe a Tokyu Hands? And what are they called in case I have to ask for them.
by Sillie (guest)  

Re: Onigiri Packaging Kombini-Style? 2012/4/26 23:53
As you say! Nori is separated from the rice in order not to get soggy.

Kombini-Style Onigiri is manufactured by use of a special machine. So we can't buy plastic sheets from a store generally.

But, I found a similar plastic sheet on the web.
The Name of this product is "Slit Pack Onigiri". The price is 409 yen per 100 sheets.
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Re: Onigiri Packaging Kombini-Style? 2012/4/27 15:09

Dunno what they would be called in Japanese, but you can buy sheets like that at 100-yen shops, as well as places like Tokyu Hands. Just look for the bento/picnic section.
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