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A question about what's inappropiate 2012/4/26 23:53
Hi one and all, a bit of a forum lurker finally making a post so hi first of all
Now for my question....

I`ve been chatting with a J-lady recently and I was saying how Id been made to blush when I had helped someone out.

The lady in question said that it was cute that I`d blushed, But then asked me to forgive her for being inappropiate.

My question is really how could this be seen as inappropiate?? I admit weve not spoken about if were dating anyone. but even so is this really that bad??
by Nipponaholic  

Re: A question about what`s Inappropiate 2012/4/27 06:28
She doesn't really mean that it was inappropriate in the sense of social standards, she means inappropriate in terms of your interactions up to now, i.e., being a little too familiar. Saying someone is "cute" in that fashion is kind of a personal comment, and would not be suitable in business discussions, for example.

Since you have presumably only had neutral, platonic type exchanges up until now, she took a chance by flirting very mildly with you (referring to you as being cute in some fashion), but then apologizing for the comment preemptively in order to avoid causing offense if you either didn't want to her to comment on you in such a personal way, or possibly because she expects some guys would be offended at being referred to as "cute."

She didn't mean anything terribly significant by either the comment or the apology, in other words. At most, the comment was an indication of an interest in being a little more personal.
by A Guy (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: A question about what's inappropiate 2012/4/27 12:57
So you tereta(照れた)brushed helping other.
She imagined/visualized you brushing like a shy little girl and she thought it was cute(kawaii)in her mind and said so. She feared she might have offended you, a grown up, calling cute, therefore, preemptively she apologized as it was inappropriate. That's all.
by ay (guest) rate this post as useful

Lost in translation? 2012/4/28 21:35

So she said, "I ask you to forgive me for being inappropiate."?

She probably meant, "I hope I didn't offend you (for calling such a mannish gentleman "cute")."
(shitsurei dattara yurushite kudasai ne)
by Uco (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: A question about what's inappropiate 2012/4/29 03:56
Thanks all that`s probably what it was.... damn hehe
by Nipponaholic rate this post as useful

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