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Omiyage (Souvenirs) In Hokkaido 2012/4/27 23:08
Hey guys!

I will be in Hokkaido early next month and did some research online but could not find a specific place in Hokkaido that's known for Omiyage shopping (Such as Asakusa in Tokyo). I'm looking for things like japanese shoes(geta), Door curtains(Noren), Katana's, Japanese confectionary or any other things unique to Hokkaido and Japan! :) Any help will be appreciated!
by Raymond (guest)  

Re: Omiyage (Souvenirs) In Hokkaido 2012/4/28 10:16
how about this?

and there are many souvenirs shops near Sapporo station.

Many japanese usually buy Shikoi-Koibito(chocolate) & Rokkatei(cookie) as souvenirs.
It taste very good!!

have fun!
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Re: Omiyage (Souvenirs) In Hokkaido 2012/4/28 22:01

I don't think noren and katana are unique to Hokkaido at all moreover a geta, but airports always have the best souveniors.
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