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tokyo disneyland merchandise 2012/4/29 22:17
hi i just get my visa to visit japan at 15-22 may and tokyo disneyland definitely inside my itinerary.
i have little brother and several cousins and want to buy TDR merchandise for them, but i don't have any idea how much the prices

ps. any advice about bargain meal inside TDR?

thank you very much :D
by shintaWD  

Re: tokyo disneyland merchandise 2012/4/30 15:46
For merchandise- as much as you want to spend- starting at a few 100 yen for lollypops and sweets up to 6000 yen for toys- some mickey ears were around 1260 yen or sweet tins of biscuits under 800 yen. Light and noise spinners start around 1300 yen too... or little cars with disney decals on them under 400 yen.

All those prices are just from memory having been quite a few times. I am sure you'll find something within your budget.

As for food I always found Disney Tokyo to be quite reasonable, but then I come from a country where they really gouge you for substandard food at amusement parks.

Who wants a proper meal anyway when you can go around the park living off the awesome flavoured popcorn??

Enjoy your trip
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Re: tokyo disneyland merchandise 2012/4/30 22:31
thank you very much for the fast reply :D
i hope the food cheaper than anaheim disneyland

maybe i'll buy several toys or plushies for them :D
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Re: tokyo disneyland merchandise 2012/5/1 06:54
i hope the food cheaper than anaheim disneyland

I am not familiar with the prices at Anaheim, but Tokyo Disneyland food is generally steeply overpriced considering the quality of the food and service. The quality of food at DisneySea is slightly better, but still: food has always been the major disappointment on my visits to Disney Resort. It is better to have low expectations.
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Re: tokyo disneyland merchandise 2012/5/3 16:32
please prepare loads of money. Cookies and chocolates in beautiful can containers cost around 1000 to 3000 yen. Disney T shirts cost around 2,000 to 5,000 yen (depending on size and designs). Soft toys around the same price. Food - slightly higher prices. 1000 yen for a bucket of popcorn.
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