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Pen Pal Gifts from America 2012/5/1 03:38
HI, I have found a really wonderful pen pal through Japan-Guide and we have been writing frequently for about 6 weeks via email. We have also each sent a package to the other. I sent an Easter themed package and she sent me a variety of Japanese snacks and unique items.

I have a lot of ideas about things that might be fun to send to her, but I also second-guess myself a lot because I worry if it is a dumb item or if it's found in Japan.

I know she is interested in cosmetics and beauty products. Do you have suggestions of brands that are American and hard to find in Japan?

I've also heard conflicting comments on marshmallows being popular in japan. Some people say you can't find them (like for smores) and other people say they are popular. I was thinking about sending her items common to American summer activities, so I didn't know if marshmallows would be interesting.

I am worried about getting into a rut where I send her a lot of American junkfood, so I'm interested in any ideas you have for good pen pal gifts. I know there have been other threads on pen pal gifts, but most I found were a bit old.

It's hard for me to know what is really unique to America :-)

Thank you!
by shannon (guest)  

Re: Pen Pal Gifts from America 2012/5/2 08:58
A1 steak source is unique. It's hard to find it in supermarkets here. Other good stuff would be some leather made small things like cup coasters or something. MarshM isn't new here at all... to my knowledge. You do not have to worry too much. No matter what, your pen pal willlike you.
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Re: Pen Pal Gifts from America 2012/5/3 03:03
I was wondering about foodstuffs for steak. There were some gravies, seasonings , etc. I've seen in the store for steak but I hesitated buying her any because I have heard that eating steak is not common in Japan. What do you guys think?
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Re: Pen Pal Gifts from America 2012/5/10 01:59
If she's into doing her own nails, it might be nice to send her some American brand nail polish since they're really expensive to buy in Japan. I heard some go for $10+. She might also be interested in perfumes?

I'm really unsure about which American brands are popular in Japan but if its imported I think all of them would be more expensive than buying in America so she might like anything you send her.

As for about ranch? I know a lot of Japanese people have never even heard of ranch. Sorry its a random suggestion but I've been craving ranch.
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Re: Pen Pal Gifts from America 2012/5/10 04:41
Thank you for those ideas. I was thinking about sending some rollerball perfumes, and will definitely try some nail polish.

Do you mean Ranch seasoning or flavored snacks, like chips? She sent me a bag of Frito Lay takoyaki snacks but I wasn't sure if sending Cool Ranch Doritos would be a good idea or not.

Any additional suggestions? I intend to keep exchanging letters and packages for a long time, so I am making a list of ideas for the future too. Thank you!
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