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Narita Airport where I can rent a pocket wifi 2012/5/2 09:30
Is there a shop in Narita Airport where I can rent a pocket wifi?

So it will be easier to return once I go back home.

Thanks in advance!
by denisimo  

... 2012/5/2 17:11
I would recommend booking in advance to make sure one is available for pickup. Note that a number of companies also will ship it to your first hotel so it is there when you check in and you can just ship it back to them at the end.

A number of places also allow pickup at Narita.

A list of places to rent from :-

I've used Exseli a few times and I know others have had a good experience with globaladvanced.

Enjoy your trip!
by GC3 rate this post as useful

Re: Narita Airport where I can rent a pocket wifi 2012/5/2 17:54
I had no issues with Globaladvanced... I asked to pick it up at the airport. Mind you, I had to go to the departures lobby to pick it up. I dropped it off at the same post office I picked it up. No problems at all....
by John B digs Japan rate this post as useful

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