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Yarn winder/ yarn swift 2012/5/2 14:26

Can anyone please advise me where can i buy handicraft stuffs like the yarn ball winder / yarn swift in tokyo/ osaka.

Its kinda hard to search this online.
by tearsdoll  

Re: Yarn winder/ yarn swift 2012/5/2 22:30
Tokyu Hands would be my first guess - try one of the bigger branches like Shibuya or Ikebukuro.
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Re: Yarn winder/ yarn swift 2012/5/4 03:00
My wife is heavily into knitting. We have gone to several yarn stores in Japan the last two years. The best that she has found are Okadaya (in Shinjuku) and Avril (in Kyoto and Kichijoji). I don't recall specifically seeing the items you indicate (my wife already has things that look like a winder and swift; she was mainly looking for exotic yarns and needles), but I bet they would have them.



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