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Sapporo Ichiban yakisoba? 2012/5/4 23:44
They sell the Sapporo Ichiban Yakisoba instant ramen noodles in the U.S. but I cannot seem to find it in Japan, there are other brands of yakisoba ramen but they do not taste the same as the Sapporo one to me. Do they have it in Japan maybe that has a different outer package design? or that product is just made in the U.S. and sold for the U.S. market?
here is a picture of it:
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Re: Sapporo Ichiban yakisoba? 2012/5/6 12:23
Where have you looked? They are easily found in supermarkets and some conbinis.
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Re: Sapporo Ichiban yakisoba? 2013/4/12 15:56
Well I never found it in any supermarket ever and its been a year now. Did you pay attention to what I wrote? I wrote Yakisoba Sapporo Ichiban, not the regular Sapporo Ichiban. I know they sell the regular flavor Sapporo Ichiban everywhere but have not seen the Yakisoba flavor of theirs.
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Re: Sapporo Ichiban yakisoba? 2013/4/12 16:31
Its not too hard to find, but if your local stores don't carry it you can always order it online. Amazon seems to have the best prices:

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