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Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/5/9 19:31
Need recommendation for a good restaurants (with a good meal and good service) in Ginza area and another area in Tokyo.

by cipata  

... 2012/5/10 09:10

Tokyo, choose by area:-

Enjoy your meal!

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Re: Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/5/10 13:43
Here is one of the links to the Michelin 3 star restaurants guide in Tokyo area.

You should ask your hotel for a better advice to recommend a good one upon your arrival.
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Re: Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/5/10 22:31
Ginza is the heart of fine dining. You'll find the world's top end restaurants there. If you want to go to famous places you will need to book well in advance.
Ginza also has literally hundreds of other great places that are not so famous. It is so difficult to choose.
You'll see restaurants at street level, in basements, hidden away in office buildings, on the upper floors of department stores. Down at Yurakucho they are even outside under the shinkansen tracks.

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Re: Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/5/11 11:05
I really like the "Chez Tomo" in Ginza. A medium-priced, superb french restaurant.
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Re: Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/5/31 14:21
The Vampire Cafe in Ginza is fantastic, they serve Italian of course all with vampire flare.
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Re: Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/6/7 07:53
Ginza is notoriously known for having extremely high end sushi restaurants. I plan to go a place called Sushi Kanesaka (2 Michelin Stars) soon if I can make a reservation. I hear there are English speakers as well. however, it's very pricy from having lunch set menus at approximately 5000, 10500, 15000 Yen and dinner set menus at 20000, 30000, and 50000 Yen. In addition, the place I hear can be difficult to find as it's in a basement in an office building.

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Re: Good restaurant in Ginza 2012/6/7 22:01
You need to reserve in advance - highly rated places are popular.
Yes, most high end sushi is expensive we paid around 60,000 for 2 people in Ginza at Sushi Mizutani (payment cash only) You will need Japanese language ability there however ( your choice looks more accessible for foreign visitors.)
The second picture in the link is Mizutani:
You can still enjoy brilliant sushi at a much lower cost.
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