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face recognition app? 2012/5/10 10:57

So i got back from Japan a month ago and it was great!

looking to get the name of a friend

anyone know about a face recognition app or website?

by samanosuke  

Re: face recognition app? 2012/5/10 11:35
Wow, do services like that even exist yet? Scary!
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Re: face recognition app? 2012/5/10 13:05
Why not ask one of his friends? Or do you only know him?

Don't feel embarrased to ask one of his friends...they will understand that it is hard to remember japanese names!
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Re: face recognition app? 2012/5/13 02:38
Face recognition only works if people have been registered officially. The police could use such a program if all the photos from driver licenses, passports etc. have been entered in the face recognition program.

It is possible also for the police to enter the face of one wanted person in the computer that monitor all the street cameras in a town.

It would not be possible for an individual, like you and me to do it.

Some newer cameras have a face recognition program that works for you, your friends and relatives only. But you must set the camera in advance with photos and names, THEN the camera will highlight these people in all the photos you will take later...
if you don't know the name of a person the camera will not be able to tell you...
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Re: face recognition app? 2012/5/15 12:18
Its not quite face recognition, but if they are on facebook you may be able to figure out their name if they are tagged in one of your other friends pictures.

I'd have to say though, they must not be that close of an acquaintance if you don't have any connection to find out their name (like asking a friend of a friend). She must be pretty cute ;)
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