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Cooking class at home? 2012/5/14 08:29
I seem to have lost a website and would love help to find it again! Looking at experiencing home cooking in Tokyo Japan, found a lady that offers this in her home (for up to 3 people at one time), it wasn't IN Tokyo itself but was in a close outer suburb. Her husband offered Kendo lessons as well while you were there. I think it was something like $40 AUD for a session and you got a sushi making kit as a gift.

I cannot for the life of me find the website again! I would love any help anyone can give me to find this couple or someone that does something similiar.

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... 2012/5/14 10:22
Cooking with Mari

Enjoy your cooking!
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Re: Cooking class at home? 2012/5/14 12:05
That's her! Thank you so much CG3!!! My google-fu does not work so great at times!
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... 2012/5/14 13:36
No worries!

Feel free to post some feedback here if you do end up going.

I also bookmarked a couple of others in other cities:-
Nara cooking school
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