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Sending flowers/b-day gift to office 2012/5/14 20:39
Hi all,

Just want to know if this is acceptable for a Japanese company.

My longtime gf has a bday coming up and I want to surprise her with flowers and a bday gift sent to her office in Japan. I'm doing it online since I live in Australia.

Is this ok? will her boss get mad and in turn she'll get mad at me? I don't want her to get in trouble or anything bad because of my honest actions. That's why I'm here to find out first before I do it.

I prefer to send it home but her work hours are unpredictable so I'm going to have to send it to her office where she is sure to be present.

Thanks for your advise and help.

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Re: Sending flowers/b-day gift to office 2012/5/15 09:21
I know this thread is marked as "old," but I believe it is still valid:
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Re: Sending flowers/b-day gift to office 2012/5/15 09:27
right, thanks for the older thread...I will not be doing that now lol

Now I know why she told me to send her V-day present to her home address rather than her work one a few months ago lol

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