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Height 2012/5/16 04:56
Okay so what I want to know is if Japanese people find people(espesially girls) who are taller than them rude ? IM 1.70m yet I love wearing heels but hate being the tallest in the group. Should I just play it safe and only wear flat shoes?
by Zandria  

Re: Height 2012/5/16 11:16
5ft 7ins isn't that tall by modern standards, and going by what I have read on here, the younger generation of Japanese are apt to be a bit taller than the reported average. I'd say wear what you like - platforms still seem to be popular in Japan so that gives you plenty of scope :)
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Re: Height 2012/5/16 12:48
Why should being taller than others being considered rude anywhere in the world? I have never heard of anything like this...

They might have a second look at you, if you are 1.90m. But noone cares if you are 1.70m. Btw: My gf is 1.80 and wears heels...noone cares about her height except for the foreigners that like her figure (she is a Model).
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Re: Height 2012/5/16 14:41
asdf : in our country height is almost like a symbol of dominance, and men find it degenerating. So in respects to that I was just wondering.
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Re: Height 2012/5/16 15:28
Zandria, you are from South Africa, right?

I have been to South Africa a few times during the last couple years and have never experienced anything even close to what you have just mentioned!? Is this a new thing? (gosh, am I already too old with 27? :))

And the (white) girls I have met in South Africa were all 1.70 does not seem that extrodinary to me.
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Re: Height 2012/5/16 15:38
No not a new thing, In personal its not an issue and also man to man its not, but when doing business you always have to take in consideration if you are doing a business deal I usually wore High heels and thus had more attention on me also theyd listen more easily and will not easily go against me, yet when having a leasurable meeting and you wanna make them friends and feel superior I always made sure Id wear pumps.
I know its a silly thing but its just how it is.
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Re: Height 2012/5/16 15:41
Forgot to say that its mostly in the business world and being a woman thats taller, further its fine.
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Re: Height 2012/5/17 01:49
Nobody will care, they're used to foreigners being a bit taller. You're not going to be that much taller at 5'7" anyway. If you were closer 6' they might be intrigued (not offended) by the height difference. So no, you won't come off as rude, but you said yourself you hate being the tallest in a group so...
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Re: Height 2012/5/18 04:32
I guess you must move in some very particular business circles. I am female and the same height as you and have never worried about whether I was taller than other people in the room when dressing, nor has it ever been an issue in business situations.

I don't consider myself particularly tall, either. Pretty average for a woman these days, really.
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