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Conversation 2012/5/16 15:06
okay so I would like to know if there are any taboo subjects when in conversation with Japanese?
In our country we usually bombard people with questions, "Where do you live?", "are you single?" ens. We also have a tendancy to randomly approach strangers and start a conversation.
What would the norms be? Also I blush frequently for most things and Im very clumsy (Walk into things, burn myself, cut myself) Would this be any sign of my lunacy and drive the japanese people away?
by Zandria  

Re: Conversation 2012/5/16 18:33
Well, that would be an unusual country where people randomly bombard others with questions like those lol. Here you don't just approach strangers and strike up conversations, and even work colleagues might not ask some very personal questions. Are you going to be working in Japan or visiting (for sightseeing)?

About being clumsy - you just need to be careful :)
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Re: Conversation 2012/5/16 18:40
Itll be a business meeting but Id like to stay a bit longer for sightseeing
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