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Japanese culture help 2012/5/18 21:57
Hey there, I'm Jessica (Jessi)
I've been studying japanese for the past 2years. But i'm not really good at it, however in my spanish class we once only talked about the spanish culture my teacher said it's important to know the culture of a country too if you study the language. I think she was right, but now my question
i hope people won't think like 'what a stupid question' if so please tell me in a friendly way but can some of you tell me more about the japanese culture? or maybe adding usefull sites where i can look it up by myself, like i watched a japanese drama called 'litre of tears' such a wonderfull drama but in one episode they went to a festival where they were dressed in kimono, is that a special festival in japan? or just a normal one.
and the golden week? where does that goes about. i'm not sure if festivals are included to a culture but i think they're right?
i feel like i don't come of a little bright now, since i don't know anything about the japanese culture. but i hope i'll get nice and friendly answers.
thanks. -sorry if my english isn't that good-
- any little bit of information of the japanese culture is welcome, it can be history or how it is now.
- i thank everyone for reading this forum question, really nice of you to give some of your free time to help me.

by Jessica (guest)  

Re: Japanese culture help 2012/5/19 09:30
For easy reference, check out the "A-Z" section of this Japan Guide website. There will be some sections such as Arts & Crafts, Tradition, History, etc. (Use the tab "A-Z" next to "Forum" at the top). For national holidays and other more practical information, you can try the "Travel" and "Living" sections as well. Enjoy reading :)
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