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Knife and Forks 2012/5/21 15:43
I will be traveling to Japan soon.
I can't use chopsticks and don't want to end up with food all over me every time i eat out.
I know there are no knifes and forks in Japan... so what should i do..??
Will i have to take my own with me..?? Will it be impolite if i use my own eating utensils in a restaurant and would they mind washing them for me afterwards..??
I want to do my best to fit in and not be rude but this is an issue im quite worried about.
by Tyson C. (guest)  

Re: Knife and Forks 2012/5/21 17:04
Don't worry.

You can buy Knife and Forks at 100yen store or any other supermarket in Japan.

and though it's preferable to use "their" tableware in the restaurant, none will care about your using your own knife and forks when in a casual restaurant.
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Re: Knife and Forks 2012/5/21 17:07
Forgot to say you should wash your own knife and forks in the bathroom by yourself.
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Re: Knife and Forks 2012/5/21 23:35
If you're going for a week or more, you should probably consider practicing with chopsticks beforehand so you won't have to use a fork/knife for most meals. It's really not that hard once you figure out how to use them properly. It's especially easy if you're dining where they give you disposable wooden ones that are squared off.

I say this because I had a couple friends that were also concerned, but once I taught them how to use chopsticks they were thrilled to be able to use them while in Japan as it was part of the dining experience.
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Re: Knife and Forks 2012/5/22 09:00
That's kind of ridiculous, of course there are knives and forks in Japan, spoons too~! :P Anyway, most restaurants have those utensils, just ask. People don't cut a steak with chopsticks! Lots of young kids and babies use forks and spoons. Even if you buy obento at the convenience store, if you have a foreigner face they will usually offer you (or just assume you want it and put it in your bag) a fork instead of chopsticks. LIke another poster said though, they are not that hard to learn, and a lot of fun to use!
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Re: Knife and Forks 2012/5/22 16:00
Just confirming what Ayame said above, there is no shortage of knives and forks in Japan. If you go to a pasta restaurant you won't see any chopsticks!

Carrying your own travel cutlery is a good idea if you plan to go to small noodle restaurants and really can't manage the chopsticks. Keep practicing though, most adults pick up the skill fairly quickly.
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Re: Knife and Forks 2012/5/23 06:12
When I went to Japan I had never used chopsticks. I picked it up in 5 minutes, and it took one meal to "master" them.
Go to a local chinese restaurant where you live and get a pair. The wooden square ones.
You will know you are good when you can pick up one grain of rice. Also its ok to pick up the bowl, watch those mushrooms, there slippery !! enjoy !!
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