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Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 01:11
I am learning Japanese, and am trying to listen to more Japanese music to help me. Can you recommend some Japanese bands or artists I might like?

Here are some artists/genres I like:

Electronic: Groove Coverage, DJ Sammy, Cascada, Basshunter, Abba, etc.

Symphonic Metal: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Versailles, etc.

Classical Crossover: Josh Groban, Il Divo, Hayley Westenra

80's pop/rock: Bonnie Tyler, Rachel Sweet, Pat Benatar, Belinda Carlisle

I also like some Jazz.

by Adam (guest)  

Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 08:56
Electronic... maybe check out SUGIZO's solo stuff, since he works with a number of DJs/electronic outfits. Also you might like The Lowbrows, who I recently checked out after finding that I am going to be seeing them supporting BUCK-TICK in July :) I'm also personally fond of Sine6's work, but he's a DJ/mixer. Both SUGIZO and Sine6 have stuff on the European iTunes store.

Symphonic Metal... that's not really a forte of mine but you could have a look at Headphones President? The singer has an awesome voice, and if you like Nightwish you may well like her, though the music style is different.
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 09:22
http://www.youtube.com/user/HPPonlineTV?feature=watch - Headphones President Official YouTube Channel

http://www.youtube.com/user/LBSJP?feature=watch - Lowbrows official Youtube Channel

http://www.youtube.com/user/Eclipselnc - EclipseWorx Channel on YouTube has some Sine6/MAZDA stuff.

SUGIZO doesn't have an official YouTube Channel that I know of, but then again he doesn't seem to mind people sharing his work, going by his commentary on the last albums. So look out on there for tracks from ''Flower of Life'' and ''Tree of Life''.

Hope this helps! Personally I am a big fan of BUCK-TICK, but I am not sure they fit any of your slots so I won't link to them :)
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 09:54
Inoran sings very well in both Japanese and English. You can check out his Official Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/DINOPUBLISHERS

J (with Inoran, co-founder of Lunacy/Luna Sea) has no frills, nothing fancy in his performances, but he's quite the songwriter. He always makes good music and while I enjoy a lot of his faster songs, his slower ones are so expressive. One would be Walk Along http://youtu.be/VVB20GUzZhQ, the other Baby Baby (though you will have to purchase his new CD On Fire, which has Baby Baby). Unfortunately, I can't find a video of Champagne Gold Supermarket, but you have to see that! I have the DVD that has the Shinkiba Studio Coast performance of that song, and I can't stop watching it. Other songs, though:

Vida Rosa http://youtu.be/wArD8ERdhiA
Burn Out http://youtu.be/e-osPCE7YsA
But You Said I'm Useless (the guitar solo by Slash) http://youtu.be/UEeWPCrVE8c
And many more on Youtube.

Then there's Luna Sea (Ryuichi Kawamura, Inoran, J, Sugizo, ShinyA)!
Sandy Time Image or Real version http://youtu.be/FxBUgQNsTkc
Lunacy/The Holy Night version http://youtu.be/qyJ9pw6IHj8
I For You http://youtu.be/cPrzn6eajSQ
Sweetest Coma Again http://youtu.be/Lkg4J7jdan8
In My Dream http://youtu.be/tzKdOyubvJg
And so many more!

And let's not forget L'Arc~en~Ciel, the first Japanese band to headline Madison Square Garden!
My Heart Draws a Dream http://youtu.be/GiTKQRQE36k
Seventh Heaven http://youtu.be/XxW9IRkJpPg
Ibara no Namida http://youtu.be/OmvBl5rHJCk
Love Flies http://youtu.be/aHzF7uXRYXQ
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 09:59
@UK Traveler, maybe exposing the OP to a different sound might also be good. A way to broaden the horizons? Who knows, the OP might like BUCK-TICK!^^
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 10:23
@ctdancer - BUT WHERE WOULD IT STOP?? /laughs.

Next I'd be reccing hide or HOTEI or GOLDEN BOMBER and then where would we be? :)

But okay then - B-T's official YouTube channel, though these are all short clips rather than full songs.


OP - They have spanned quite a few genres over 25 years so it's best to click around some to get a feel for if any of their stuff meets your criteria.
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 11:34
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/23 18:51
Hi, Adam
This is my recommendations (I'm a native Japanese, so my music taste might be ifferent from yours):

Girl Next Door: - Da Da Pa Ra
released in 2011

Perfume - Computer City
released in 2008

Perfume - Lazer Beam
released in 2012

Denki Groove - Nothing Gonna Change
released in 1999. A short drama is inserted during this CG video.

trf - EZ Do Dance
released in 1993

Zebra Queen - Namida Kokoro Abaite
released in 2010

Carry Pamyu Pamyu - Pon Pon Pon
released in 2011

80's pop/rock:
Tomoyasu Hotei - Dancing with the Moonlight
released in 1989

B'z - Bad Communication
This is one of my most favorite rock song.
released in 1989

TM Network - 1974
released in 1984

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Technopolis
released in 1980

Before these YouTube video starts, a short advertisement video might be played.
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/26 11:10
Perhaps if you are learning Japanese, you might try slow clear songs, i.e. folk songs, enka, etc.
There are many folk songs w/ or w/o relics, or for karaoke.
One for a guy is Takuro Yoshida:
There are too many to list.
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/26 11:50
Coming from a fellow Silent Force(r). I personally enjoyed Shina Ringo, Utada Hikaru, Dazzle Vision among others. Since ur'e already Hayley Westenra fan, I believe she has an album in Japanese.
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/27 00:34
@ dosanko100

Like your recommendations, and it so happen some of them are my favs like:

Hotei Tomoyasu

Other of my fav rock groups not mentioned are: The Alfee, Boowy, Anzenchitai etc
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Re: Japanese music suggestions? 2012/5/28 23:10
Definitely tryout Merzbow, Hanatarash, and The Gerogerigegege.
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