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BA, BSc Visa Question, and requesting info 2012/5/29 08:01
Having been on these forums for a month or so i have come to realize that this is a very very frequent 'Question Topic'

Yes it's the dreaded 'omghowcanigetsvisa' question.

I am 18 (please take note i am not trying to get to Japan soon, and live in the UK, i want to get there after around 5 years for obvious reasons) Next year i have Uni plans! I'm at the stage where i'm deciding where i would like to go...

NOW! I don't want to set my whole future on Japan scrapping everything else. BUT that doesn't mean i don't want to go!

Think of, English Teaching in Japan as my Plan A, and IT my Plan B...

My plan as of now:
Secure University course in IT
Continue with Japanese Language studies
Volunteer work at a local school
Obviously work!
Throughout the 4 years at uni i will try my best to acquire experience with teaching kids, and anything that will help me. Upon completion of the course i will finally be able to start focusing on Securing a Job in Japan, for Teaching.

OK! - Now the question... ...Finally! Sorry!

I understand you need a BA from University to even qualify for a Work Visa, what i want to know is will a BSc (Hons)? degree allow me to qualify, and does it need to be a certain uni? Well known?..
I'm interested in the Open University, which allows me to study from home. But i am keeping my options open!

Lastly, does anybody know if i can contact any official source for confirmation? An Embassy maybe?

Sorry if this post was too long!
Thank you!

by jordanwalker94  

Re: BA, BSc Visa Question, and requesting info 2012/5/29 09:46

The immigration requirement is for a bachelors degree from an accredited university. It doesn't have to be a BA (can be BSc or BEng, or anything else), and it doesn't have to be a 4-year degree, as is often mistakenly stated here. I don't think there would be any problem with an Open University degree.
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