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Euro 2012 2012/5/31 12:33
I will be in Japan during the UEFA Euro 2012 and I was wondering whether the regular Japanese TV stations plan to broadcast the matches Live. I understand that these matches will take place early in the morning here in Asia, but it is still a possibility. I checked online and found that DENTSU has acquired broadcasting rights, but what does this mean? I asked if Dentsu is a channel and was told it is only an advertising agency. Nobody even seems to know what I am talking about when I ask around - maybe someone here can help me. I can't read Kanji, so coming up with information is really difficult for me. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Euro 2012 2012/6/2 14:04
All games are being broadcast on WOWOW.
Possibly some games also on some other channels.
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Re: Euro 2012 2012/6/3 10:27
TBS shows selected matches from 6/8 0:25(early hours 6/9).
See TBS UEFAEuro2012 site for the detailes.
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Re: Euro 2012 2012/6/5 11:11
Go to a sports bar. Aldgate in shibuya or clubhouse in shinjuku etc. they should have all games live
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Re: Euro 2012 2012/6/5 19:06
I'm heading to Japan and I have exactly the same problem. Does anyone know if TBS is a local channel that will be on all TVs?
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Re: Euro 2012 2012/6/6 13:08

the way I see it (and I checked it with our PE teacher) the games will be broadcasted on TBS (f.ex. Germany - Portugal on Saturday 9 June at 00:50 in the morning). Since we receive TBS out here in Ehime (countryside) you should also get it any other place in Japan. Hope I am not wrong!!!
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Re: Euro 2012 2012/6/8 14:30
Thanks, Mate. Hope you're right too.
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