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Sea urchin, Melon at Sapporo in Feb 2012/6/3 21:22
My husband and I are a big fan of Japanese food. We are planning to visit Sapporo Snow Festival next year. We have been checking in website and found that in Feb is not the good season to have our favorite food - Sea urchin, King Crab and Melon. However, anyone can tell us whether are we able to find our favorite foods in early Feb at Sapporo or not. Pls kindly advise. Thank you very much.
by Norpim (guest)  

Re: Sea urchin, Melon at Sapporo in Feb 2012/6/4 13:35
Hi, Norpim

I'm person living in Sapporo.
You don't have to worry about eating sea urchin and king crab.@Every restaurant has good (strong) freezers to keep sea foods fresh.@Eating sea urchin and king crab in mid-February has no problem!

As for Hokkaido Melon, you will see nothing here in Sapporo (in mid-February), because it is generally rather difficult to keep melons fresh for a long time.

Even if you can eat something looking like the Hokkaido melon, the melon might be something brought from a warmer place outside Hokkaido or another country.

If you have more questions, ask me later.
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Re: Sea urchin, Melon at Sapporo in Feb 2012/6/4 18:36
Thank you very much, Dosanko100.

Anyway, may I ask about dog sledding. I am interested to have a nice experience about it. I found one company tour so called "hat" that they have this activity. Unfortunately they mention that during the tour will speak only Japanese. Do you know any company tour that have this kind of activity? Thank you very much.
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Re: Sea urchin, Melon at Sapporo in Feb 2012/6/4 19:56
Hiya again

Dog Sledding? Don't worry.
I was able to identify 3 mini tours for dog sledding fans.

Take a look:

Dog Sledding Tour: @half-day/1day in Minami Furano (South Furano) town:
Just move from Sapporo to Tomamu station by limited express train. They are waiting for you. The best Dog Sledding tour for you.

Dog Sledding Tour near Asahikawa:
this is a tour in Takasu town (near Asahikawa city)
It's rather easy to move from Sapporo to Asahikawa, because both cities are rather large.
Exchange once again at the Asahikawa station, and move by local bus to a nearby station.
They are waiting for you at the bus station.

Dog Sledding Tour plus Travel by the legendary steam locomotive in Kushiro:
Kushiro is a rather distant place from Sapporo (about 300km east of Sapporo),
so take this tour as the 3rd option (not the best option).

You can find other activity tours (including all seasons) at:
To find a winter activity tour, select "Winter Specialities" on the Activities menu and click the "Search with These Settings" botton.

It's still too early to apply for winter activity tours, so wait for several months and check to see if there are any changes on these Web pages.

If you have more questions, ask me freely.
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Re: Sea urchin, Melon at Sapporo in Feb 2012/6/4 20:22
Also, take a look at these images and videos:
(ignore Japanese characters. Enjoy only images & videos):

Dog Sledding Tour in Takasu town (near Asahikawa):
YouTube videos:
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Re: Sea urchin, Melon at Sapporo in Feb 2012/6/6 08:20
Hi, Dosanko100.
Many thanks for your useful information.
Thank you :)
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