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Casio dictionaries software support 2012/6/5 01:10

I'm learning both Chinese and Japanese. Currently, I'm very interested in buying either the Chinese Casio E-B800 model, or the Korean Casio EW-3400 (essentially the same, but cheaper in China).
BUT: I NEED to know if it's possible to use separately sold Japanese expansion software such as this XS-KE05MC: http://item.rakuten..../4971850901365/ (Includes 研究者新和英大辞典、英和大辞典 etc.) with these non-Japanese models. I just want to create an all-including piece of hardware, but I'm afraid the software won't be compatible with Chinese or Korean models for any reason.
I don't want to buy any smartphones or other devices.
I don't want the Japanese XD-B7300 or XD-D7300 models.
I would just like to know the above.

Thank you very much!
by Boukyakujin  

Re: Casio dictionaries software support 2012/6/6 01:53
OK, I'll answer myself, just in case you stumble upon the same problem one day.

I've received official response both from Casio Japan and from Casio China, and also from several Chinese dictionary sellers.
Basically, [b]ONLY Japanese models[/b] (XD-) are capable of supporting add-ons in form of new dictionaries etc. They all support text or audio files, but only the Japanese one can handle books. The only official way to do so is to buy a Japanese model, the only unofficial way is to reflash [b]entire[/b] memory of your non-Japanese model to a Japanese one, but you'll basically have a new device, everything including original books will be changed. And then you can add those add-ons.

Casio Japan reply:

Casio China reply (literally the same contents):
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