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Outdoor bird feeders? 2012/6/5 09:26
I never see outdoor bird feeders that you can hang from a pole or hang anywhere in Japan, is it illegal to have an outdoor bird feeder/provide birdseed to small wild birds in Japan?
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Re: Outdoor bird feeders? 2012/6/5 10:04
It's not illegal. But in cities you need to be careful where you set it up unless you have your own house/garden (i. e., if you live in an apartment in cities) - once I had a water feeder on my balcony for sparrows and pigeons, and there have been implicit complaints from our neighbors about, um, droppings and not infrequent visits by crows ... I found out later that one of my neighbors hated any animals, including insects and birds.
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Re: Outdoor bird feeders? 2012/6/6 10:32
....- I was suprised to come to Japan and see that alot of people are not into nature at all so that does not suprise me that your neighbor dislikes animals and people complained. I do not know where to buy a bird feeder since I never see them for sale in Japan, might have to import one.
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Re: Outdoor bird feeders? 2012/6/6 12:19
To birdlover (from the "..." (guest) earlier),

Sad, isn't it.

I guess I'm on the side of being "into nature" :) And a lot of people go hiking into the mountains, go bird-watching, and all that. But, well, in and around their own homes, particularly in cities, some people prefer not to have any traces of nature, I guess :(

I know that the Wildbird Society of Japan (which I am a member of) sell some, and some other people build small bird nest boxes, or hang those small nets with nuts/seeds in them.
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