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Mahjong shop in Tokyo? 2012/6/5 18:20
I am looking for a shop in Tokyo that sells mahjong sets and accessories. (not a jansou) I am currently residing in higashi-ikebukuro. Does anyone know, or have any experience of a shop, or does anyone have an idea how i can go about finding one myself? (I am not very good at using google japan)

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Mahjong shop in Tokyo? 2012/6/5 19:31
Check out Don Quixote the discount store chain. There are two locations on the east side of Ikebukuro station. They seem to sell inexpensive sets (the pieces, dice, and a mat you can place on your table). Some say don't go for the least expensive one including the mat at 3,980 yen, because the size is a tad small and the quality not too good, but go for the one notch higher one (pieces plus the mat at around 6,000 yen total). Of course they are no specialists in mahjong sets, but you will get an idea about the quality and the price :)
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Re: Mahjong shop in Tokyo? 2012/6/5 21:10
Thanks for the suggestion I'll be checking it out tomorrow for sure.

I already have a mat and a set (which I am now wondering is the lower quality set(a couple of the sha's have a fissure running through them)) so I am more using this one for a display/souvenir. I hope they don't force the bundle together.
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