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buying clothes issue 2012/6/9 18:38
Hello, I'm having a couple of problems trying to buy clothing here in Tokyo.

Firstly, can someone explain the measurements for me? I am very familiar with the US system, especially for pants. I'm used to two measurements for both waist and leg-length but the clothes I have seen in places like uniqlo and other Japanese stores just say 'small, medium large' etc. The tags inside of them just have one measurement, it seems like a cm range--like Large: 75-82cm or something like that??

Secondly, what are some places around the 23-ku for longer/wider pants? Although I am okay wearing japanese pant-width the leg is always way too short. Pants look like capris on me. I have the same problem with shirts--the arm cuff stops in the middle of my forearm.

I just need a store for tall people I suppose.

Also I haven't tried yet but is there anything to know about buying shoes compared to the American system? The measurements are in cm as well? I'll have to get my foot measured...
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Re: buying clothes issue 2012/6/11 11:37
If you check back in the "Living"section there was a request posted about 30days ago headed Larger Girl in Japan or something like that and the replies posted were very informative about places in Tokyo area that stocked larger sizes, both clothing and shoes. Personally I shop at Next in Jiyugoaka, a British chain which carries western sizing. Both men and womens clothing is available there. There are other Next branches around Tokyo.
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Re: buying clothes issue 2012/6/11 11:41
I should have added on my last reply that are you aware there are Gap stores in Tokyo, the largest is in Shibuya, and it is totally American sizing... and whats more they usually have the larger sizes on the specials rack at the back.
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Re: buying clothes issue 2012/6/16 08:54
I know there is a Forever21 in Shinjuku as well, or at least there was last time I went in 2010. I didn't go in, but I would assume the sizing is the same.
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